Un film-géographe. La vie privée de Sherlock Holmes par Billy Wilder

Troisième et dernier billet consacré au n° 2 de la revue de cinéma Cinétrenss sur cinéma et cartographie : une analyse de la géographie singulière La vie privée de Sherlock Holmes, chef d’œuvre abîmé de Billy Wilder. /\ Third and last post dedicated to the issue #2 of the Cinema Journal Cinétrens about cinema and mapping : an analysis of the singular geography of Billy Wilder’s broken masterpiece : The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Trap Street

A trap street, or errata, is a fictitious street inserted into maps to purposefully trap potential copyright violators of the map. Normally quite innocuous, these fictitious bits of information are used as proof to spot where plagiarism has taken place. The recent chinese feature film « Trap Street » inverts the usual meaning of this expression, becoming…