Tout en haut du monde (Rémi Chayé)

Tout en haut du monde est un film d’animation réalisé par Rémi Chayé qui relate l’aventure d’une jeune fille russe partie à la recherche de son grand-père disparu pendant une expédition vers le pôle Nord à la fin du XIXe siècle.Les cartes y jouent un rôle central. /\ Tout en haut du monde is an animated film directed by Rémi Chayé, that tells the adventure of a Russian girl in search of her grandfather that disappeared during an expedition towards the North Pole at the end of the 19th century. Maps play a central role in the film.

L’étoffe des cartes / Maps made up out of Whole Cloth

Dans le film Diamants sur canapé Holly tricote un objet aux formes curieuses. Serait-ce le plan d’un ranch  » ? Et si un fil invisible reliait carte et tricot ? /\ In the movie Breafkfast at Tiffany’s Holly is knitting an indistinct object, a ranch perhaps ? And if an invisible thread were connecting maps and knitting?

The Wall d’Alan Parker : les murs de l’enfermement mental et les fantasmes d’un ordre établi/ the Walls of Mental Confinement and the Fantasies of an Established Order

« The Wall » film d’Alan Parker basé sur l’album des Pink Floyd évoque l’enfermement mental du chanteur d’un groupe à succès et ses fantasmes d’un ordre paramilitaire /\ « The Wall », film by Alan Parker based on the album of Pink Floyd evoke the mental imprisonment of the singer of a successful band fascinated by a paramilitary established order.

Week-end à Zuydcoote de Henri Verneuil ou quand la carte trahit / Betrayed by a Map

Dans « Week-end à Zuydcoote » de H. Verneuil, une carte utilisée pour montrer l’avancée des troupes allemandes et l’encerclement des troupes alliées, trahit la date de réalisation du film /\ In « Week-end à Zuydcoote » by H. Verneuil, , a map used to show the advance of the German troops and the encirclement of the Allied troops, betrays the date of realization of the film

Exposition Martin Scorsese à la Cinémathèque française : « un sens inné de l’espace »/Martin Scorsese exhibition at Cinémathèque française : « an innate sense of space »

From 16 October 2015 to 14 February 2016, the Cinémathèque française presents the exhibition « Scorsese, l’exposition ». This exhibition which opened on October 14 in the presence of American film maker Martin Scorsese and the President of the French République F. Hollande, offers an opportunity to return to the life and work of this Sicilian immigrant’s…

Bomb run on Kiel planning / Préparation du bombardement de Kiel

The war lover / L’homme qui aimait la guerre – Leacock

The war lover is an 1962 American film directed by Philip Leacock. The storie takes place during the Second World War, on an English air base. It focuses on captain Buzz Rickson’s personality (Steve McQueen), pilot of a B-17 called The Body, and his relationship with people and life. With his co-pilot, Lieutenant Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner),…

A Self-Made Hero / Un héros très discret. Audiard (2)

(e)space&fiction already mentioned the London Underground map that Albert Dehousse learned by heart to enhance the credibility of his false engagement in the Resistance. One can found another very brilliant sequence later in the film when the « hero » travels to Germany for a military mission. Nous avons déjà mentionné dans (e)space&fiction le dispositif de la carte du…

Police captain Moretti's map / La carte du Commissaire Moretti

Non ho sonno / Le sang des innocents / Sleepless – Argento

Non ho sonno (Sleepless) is  a 2001 Italian  giallo film directed by Dario Argento. Seventeen years ago, in Turin, Italia, Giacomo’s mother  was murdered. The alleged murderer was found dead and  the investigation was closed. Unfortunately, a serial killer sows again terror in a same way, leaving small paper animal figurine by the side of bodies.…

Paname Urbex : lieux de tournages à Paris / filming locations in Paris

Since 2013, the Facebook community Paname Urbex makes an inventory of filming locations in Paris, France. Actuals photographs and movies screenshots are matched up, often superimposed. This work is extended to albums covers, in particular those of the French singer Renaud. Note in USA Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team have the same goal. Depuis 2013,…

L'Atoll de Pom Pom Galli

La Classe américaine : Le Grand Détournement… cartographique – Hazanavicius et Mézerette

La Classe américaine (American Class) also known as  Le Grand Détournement is a 1993 French television film directed by Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) and Dominique Mézerette. It is exclusively made of excerpts of old Warner’s movies (plus one extract of the French TV series Maigret). All of them are combined and dubbed with new lines.…

Major Manchek's map / La carte du Major Manchek

Le premier SIG du cinéma ? Le Mystère Andromède / First GIS in Cinema ? The Andromeda Strain

 The Andromeda Strain is a 1971 American science-fiction film directed by Robert Wise and based on the novel The Andromeda Strain published in 1969 by Michael Crichton. It tells the story of a four-day major American scientific crisis, in a very structured way. Many and various spatial machineries support the narration :  split screen, text…

Trap Street

A trap street, or errata, is a fictitious street inserted into maps to purposefully trap potential copyright violators of the map. Normally quite innocuous, these fictitious bits of information are used as proof to spot where plagiarism has taken place. The recent chinese feature film « Trap Street » inverts the usual meaning of this expression, becoming…

« Brazil » de Terry Gilliam, un film qui n’a rien à voir avec le football/ »Brazil » by Terry Gilliam, a film which has nothing to do with football

With the opening today of the World Football in Brazil, the sports news offers an opportunity to discuss a world famous movie: Brazil, a film made in 1985 by Terry Gilliam. Brazil has been seared on the kind of anticipation films, himself taking his legacy of previous genre films, including Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life…